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For Individuals

How Mueshi works

Mueshi provides a seamless and innovative solution for fundraising and supporting cherished causes. Our platform is ideal for selling a range of high-value items, including fine art, luxury furniture, and classic antique cars. Transform underutilized assets into meaningful contributions without the need for direct cash donations. Discover a new approach to philanthropy with Mueshi, your go-to marketplace for charitable sales.


Tailored Fundraising Initiatives

Craft a personalized campaign for your fundraising goals.


Purposeful Listing

Showcase products whose sales directly support your fundraising efforts.


Charitable Contributions

A dedicated percentage of product sales is directly allocated to your chosen charity.


Social Sharing

Effortlessly promote your fundraising campaign to your social network and beyond!



Below are just a few of the many categories of items that can be sold on Mueshi. We can’t wait to see your fundraiser!



From timeless muscle cars to vintage roadsters, our platform is where classic vehicle enthusiasts connect. Come join our community of passionate sellers!



Showcase and sell your art effortlessly! Whether it's paintings or sculptures, our platform is your canvas. Share the story behind your collection and find your perfect buyer!



Showcase your jewelry collection in new unconventional ways. From vintage heirlooms to modern gems, let your jewelry shine in its new home!


Questions? Look Here

  • Step 1. Create an account by signing in
  • Step 2: List your item for sale
  • Step 3: We sell your collectible to a buyer through our network
  • Step 4: You donate the full sale to a non-profit organization
  • Step 5: Qualify for a donation after donating on Mueshi!

Donate your items by completing our seller form and our team will contact you within 48 hours to help you sell your items

We love the work we do. Currently our areas of focus for nonprofits are the following: Animals, Healthcare, Education, STEM, Medical Initiatives, Homelessness and more.

Yes! That’s how you qualify for a tax write-off!

Contact our sales team here:

We don’t accept refunds, seeing that all parties are fully aware in advanced that proceeds from the sale are donated to nonprofit organizations

You have 5 days to confirm your order post time stamped delivery or a lack of communication means automatic acceptance

If you have a specific charity in mine that you would like to benefit from the sale of your item. We can help you facilitate that transaction. Just email our support team here:

Sellers are verified by the Mueshi sales team. We also check if items have real serial numbers made by the manufacturer, insurance documents (if relevant), and appraisal paperwork (if relevant).

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