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Me2 Classical Music for Mental Health

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Me2 Classical Music for Mental Health

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About Me2 Classical Music for Mental Health

Me2/Orchestra is an innovative organization that blends classical music with mental health advocacy. Founded on the principle that music and mental health are intrinsically linked, Me2/Orchestra creates an inclusive and stigma-free environment for musicians and audience members alike, particularly for those who have experienced mental illnesses. The unique aspect of Me2/Orchestra is its membership: it consists of musicians with and without mental health diagnoses, symbolizing the organization's commitment to inclusivity and understanding. By bringing together people from diverse mental health backgrounds, Me2/Orchestra fosters a supportive community where members can share their experiences without fear of judgment. Me2/Orchestra's performances are more than just concerts; they are events that raise awareness about mental health issues. The organization uses the power of music to break down social barriers and challenge the stigma surrounding mental illness. Their repertoire, often comprising classical music pieces, is selected to resonate with and inspire both the performers and the audience.


Me2 Classical Music for Mental Health



Feb 2024


Mar 31 2024

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