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Mueshi is a fundraising platform for non-profits to raise capital via. the sale of alternative assets like art, collectibles, classic cars and more.

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Explore unique finds to buy or list your authentic collection for sale on Mueshi. When you sell with us, a non-profit of your choice benefits, receiving anywhere from 5% to 90% of each sale on our platform.

Our Story

Mueshi's inception was rooted in a deep appreciation for the fusion of art and technology. We firmly believe that art has the power to bring about positive change in cultures, nations, and individual lives.

At Mueshi, we are committed to redefining philanthropy by seamlessly uniting our passion for art, antiques, and cherished collectibles with the act of giving through secondhand sales. Our distinctive fundraising platform empowers nonprofits and their engaged communities to receive donations and raise money for their causes effectively.

Our vision paints a picture of a world where every purchase carries a meaningful purpose, where sustainability naturally intertwines with generosity, ushering in an era where conscious consumerism and impactful philanthropy walk hand in hand.

Our Mission

By embracing the circle of buying, reselling, and supporting, we ensure that every item not only finds a new home but also kindles positive change. Together, we are redefining support for nonprofits, offering consumers a chance to purchase what they love and believe in a brighter, more sustainable future.


Beliefs & Values

At Mueshi, we value community as a catalyst for change. Our platform is rooted in the notion that local initiatives can inspire broader global transformations. Join us as a seller and allocate a percentage of your sales to a non-profit you care about


At Mueshi, luxury items amplify our impact, turning appreciation of fine goods into tangible support for charitable causes.


At Mueshi, we believe that every sale can be a force for good. By offering items linked to charity and philanthropy, we're transforming commerce into a conduit for positive change


At Mueshi, we see the resale of items as a testament to sustainability. By upcycling and giving products a second life, we're not just supporting global causes but also championing a greener future.


How to sell on Mueshi

  1. 01.

    Create an account on Mueshi by signing in

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    Click the “Seller Form” link in the menu

  3. 03.

    List your item for sale and select your non-profit of choice

  4. 04.

    Congrats! You’re helping to support a cause that will positively impact the lives of many.

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October 2023

Yair Zeharia - New York City

Charity: Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC