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Who Is Mark?

Mark "ALT" Delmont is a first-generation Haitian Jamaican textile artist from Miami. He up-cycles stagnant or used materials from the earth to make massive pieces that reflect the times. The totality of Delmont’s work involves expressing the candid aesthetic of Black Miami with his self-taught skills in needlework, audio-visual, painting, graphic design, clothing design, mixed-media, and creative programming.


"Da Crib"

The exhibition includes the collection The Eight Wonders of Our World, a series of 8 large-scale portraits constructed of salvaged materials upscaled and hand-sewn on wood panels. These renderings are the eight mavens that inhibit the black community. This showing also displays a standing crib, Da Crib, revealing a micro Miami neighborhood, with the insertion of a looped film of a Miami car ride from Miami Gardens to Brownsville, down 27th street. An ambitious architectural piece, The Streets are Always Watching, illustrates multiple exaggerated buildings with eyes and an animated toddler, in transit, through the streets (fashioned in the same way as The Eight Wonders of Our World). Each piece has been replicated within Web3 to create an exaggerated Miami neighborhood mock-up for audiences to interact with.